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All natural, non-toxic products ROOTED in sound science and a passion for healthy skin, hair growth and maintenance.

FLAME Natural Hair Rescue Trio - Travel Size

FLAME - Kinks and Curls

When the Phoenix reaches the end of its life, it is said to burst into FLAMEs.  This collection is formulated for natural curl styling such as wash-n-go, twist outs, and braids.  It can also be used on weave/weft for curl definition.  A fire flame is normally large, big and always goes upwards.  Very similar to kinky/curly hair, it defies gravity.  Flame on.

FLAME Natural Hair Rescue Trio - Travel Size


FLAME Natural Hair Rescue Trio - Travel Size


Interested in all FLAME products but not sure you which one to get?  Or you like all 3 products but you can't carry the full size on a plane?

No Problem.

The Travel Size FLAME Combo meets carry-on luggage size restrictions.  The sizes are large enough to get a few trial runs if you are just testing out.





3 oz Definition Curl Custard Gel

3 oz Moisturizing Style Crème (aka Twistout Creme)

3 oz Curl Revitalizing Potion

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